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Vertics for Start-ups

Having a breaking idea for a new company or start-up?

You probably need a website, a tech team, some office space, and, of course, at least enough cash coming in each month to pay your rent. Which means, you need money.

Whether it’s a cool new app or a SaaS, most businesses and most entrepreneurs require at least a little bit of funding to really get business rolling in their early days.


1. Book a meeting with our Operating Partner Timo Moilanen and let’s talk more about your business case. Call/WA +358 50 363 7323 or send email

2. Get started! We will help you to jump towards full time entrepreneurship. First you need to establish a new company. Then we help you to concept your idea in sellable package. You will need a working demo app or website to sell your product/idea to customers or get early investors on your side. This stage will cost aprox 5.000€ and takes time about 1 month. We can use innovation voucher from Business Finland for this stage. You might also need good partners to your company and Vertics is always an option, if we see that this is close to our core business.

3. Get it rolling! At this stage you should have first customers and perhaps some interested investors. Next step is to run for working application. Depending what we are building we should now get 15.000-150.000€ funds for software development, building sales models/teams and salaries etc. At this stage we have several options to get funds: ELY, VC, Business Finland or special associations. Let’s build financial roadmap together at this point.

4. Your business and software needs continuous updating when you have many customers and business is developing into right direction. When we are at this point we need think about roles and organization chart. Get right people into right places!

Let's do IT!

Timo Moilanen

Operating Partner

+358 50 363 7323

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